Government Letters Regarding Shielding and Isolation

Following a number of inquiries about the letters sent to some patients regarding their need to isolate please find below a link to the Government guidance. This guidance covers the whole of the UK population and not just those who have been sent a letter by the government.

The primary purpose of the letter sent by the government is to identify the 2% of the UK population who are at critical risk of infection. The remaining 98% are still at risk and need to manage this risk alongside their employer.

You can decide if you need to self-isolate and discuss with your employer. In the first instance your employer should offer you remote working. If this is not possible then you will need to consider whether you fall into the furloughed employee category.

Because you are well enough to work, however unable to attend work because of the risk of contracting coronavirus, we are unable to offer a fit note to cover this period. You will need to work with your employer to resolve this situation.

There is a fit note on our website for those people who need to isolate for 7 or 14 days due to either having the virus or living with someone who has the virus.