Covid Vaccine Booster Programme Update 30.9.2021

In line with guidance received the Emmer Green Surgery is about to commence the Covid Vaccine Booster Programme so patients who have previously had their two Covid vaccinations can receive their booster vaccination.

The Surgery will be checking their records to identify when a patient’s previous vaccinations were given with the view to inviting patients in once six months has past since a patient received their last Covid vaccination so as in previous rounds the Elderly and most vulnerable will become due first and then we will be working down the age groups.

In the first instance the surgery will be contacting patients by text on their mobile phones or calling landlines where Patients do not have a mobile and once contact has been made we will agree a suitable date and time for you to attend the vaccination session. Please note that Patients do not need to call us about this vaccination programme as we will be contacting you when it’s your turn to attend.

Although these are special Covid vaccination clinics those people who are also due to have their annual flu vaccination will be able to receive the flu vaccination as well although it will be given in the other arm. Those people who just want an annual flu vaccination will have to attend one of the special flu vaccination clinics that are also being scheduled in due course.

Patients will be getting the Pfizer vaccination and will need to allow 15 minutes waiting time after receiving the vaccination before leaving the surgery.

As you can imagine this is going to be another very busy period for us when organising and completing this exercise on top of delivering all our normal range of medical services so your help and co-operation in helping to make all this run as smoothly as possible would be appreciated.

Best Regards

The Emmer Green Surgery