Patient Services Update 13th January 2021

The Emmer Green surgery has and will be playing an active part in the national Covid-19 vaccination exercise that is being rolled out across the country and this activity will be stepped up from Tuesday 19th January and hence will place great demands on our time. It’s very important however that our normal services are maintained and that everyone still has access to our full range of services for any health related problems so we have taken steps to ensure this is the case.

Given the current situation all patients will be triaged over the phone in the first instance and those who need to be invited in will be given an appointment as emergency face to face appointments will still be available during this period for those people that require them. We do however ask all patients to bear with us during these challenging times whilst the way we deliver our services are a little different to the norm. It’s really important however that all patients do not put off seeking help if they are feeling unwell or have any symptoms they are concerned about because all health concerns need to be addressed.