Covid-19 Vaccinations Update Wednesday 13th January

We have been notified to expect our first delivery of Covid Vaccinations on Thursday 14th January.

The first clinics will run on Friday 15th January and Saturday 16th January. We are starting with our oldest patients. Those with a mobile phone will receive an invitation by text message and will be able to book an appointment slot. Those who do not have a mobile phone will be telephoned by staff and an appointment booked.

There are a number of questions that need to be asked of those that are booked. All will receive a phone call for the questions to be asked and to give them the information that they need. So those booking electronically will still receive a phone call.

Next week further vaccination clinics are being held every day at the Emmer Green Surgery from Tuesday to Saturday for patients from both the Emmer Green and Balmore Park surgeries. Invitations will be sent via text message with a link so that patients can book the appointment themselves. The booking system which we are using notifies us which patients do not have mobile phones, or who have received a message but not booked an appointment and we will then telephone these patients to book them in.

Please remember that once you have had your first vaccine you do not have immediate immunity and it is still necessary for you to still follow social distancing, to only leave home when absolutely necessary and to wear a face mask when out in public.